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6646 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA, 90028
United States

(213) 223-6921

Stephanie Gibbs, a bookbinder in Los Angeles, CA, offers edition and fine binding, book conservation, custom boxes, and paper repair for contemporary and historic books, manuscripts, and documents to clients throughout California.

script & thesis

Hardcover script and thesis books.

One of the most common inquiries in the studio is for information about having scripts and theses bound into hard cover books.

In an effort to provide clarity about specifications and the process, a PDF document has been prepared. The specifications also appear below.

Standard turnaround time is 2 weeks; rush service is available.
• Fee chart listed at the end of this document.
• Any quantity of books can be custom bound in cloth or leather.
• Author and title will be gold stamped on the cover or the spine. Custom cover artwork can be provided.
• Printed documents or PDF files can be provided.
• Discounts available for 10 or more copies.

For any further questions, please email . You may also call the studio, at (213) 223-6921.

Page Layouts.
Set the top, right, and bottom margins at 1”, and the left margin at 1.5”.  For double-sided printing, use the “mirror margins” setting. If the left margin is less than 1.5”, text may be cut off in the sewing of the book.

Typesetting and layout services are available, and are billed hourly.

If printed pages are not provided, Gibbs Bookbinding will use CopyMat Hollywood for printing. They may be contacted directly for pricing information. A handling surcharge will apply.

Titles, Author, Artwork.
It is standard for the author and title to be gold stamped on either the front cover or the spine.

Custom cover artwork may be provided, at a maximum size of 6.75” x 3.75”.


Example of acceptable artwork, with strong lines.



Example of unacceptable artwork, with sketchy gray areas.


Bookcloth in a limited range is stocked by Gibbs Bookbinding; other colors are available by special order. All leather is by special order.

For samples of available cloth and leather, please see:

Cloth: Hiromi Paper, “Bookcloth” section, Culver City, CA. |
Cloth: Talas, “Iris” bookcloth, “Asahi” bookcloth. Ships from NYC. |

Leather: Talas, “Harmatan” goatskin, ships from NYC.

all pricing subject to change, and special orders will incur shipping fees
discounts available for 10 or more copies; please contact for a quote

Standard turnaround time, 2 weeks. | 1 week (in Monday, out Friday), + 100% | 3 days, + 300%

Cloth binding, $ 150 each
in stock material, title / author stamped on spine or cover
Additional cost: custom fabric orders, as billed (approx. $75 for 10 books)

Leather binding, $ 350 each (= $225 binding  + $125 leather)
title / author stamped on spine or cover
Note that the leather cost is a special order, and will be charged as billed (approx. $125 per book.)


Custom artwork is billed by the quarter-square-inch. The maximum artwork size of 6.75” x 3.75” is $ 150. per order.

Page layout, formatting, and design work, $75 hourly fee, billed per quarter-hour.