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6646 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA, 90028
United States

(213) 223-6921

Stephanie Gibbs, a bookbinder in Los Angeles, CA, offers edition and fine binding, book conservation, custom boxes, and paper repair for contemporary and historic books, manuscripts, and documents to clients throughout California.

artist's books

Artist's books fuse text and art in an interactive sculpture — children's books for grown-ups, in a way. They tell stories using text, pictures, and structure.

Four artist's book editions are currently available for purchase. Please see below.

Stephanie Gibbs both creates original artist's books using printmaking and found and altered texts, and also works with artists to realize their visual narrative brings tactile, book-based editions to creative work in literature, photography, painting, and film.

These books are held in collections across the United States, including:
CalArts, Carnegie Mellon, Furman University, Los Angeles Public Library, Scripps College, Swarthmore College, UCLA, University of California (Riverside), University of California (San Diego), University of California (Santa Barbara), University of Iowa, University of Southern California, and Wesleyan University.

Purchase information: etsy | Vamp and Tramp

Amissa Anima: a book of the dead |  more information | purchase

A fully assembled kit for contacting those who have passed beyond the veil. The user selects a spirit from the photograph album; chooses the emotional distillation that will pull that spirit into this realm; and uses the bell, book, and candle in the summoning. The enclosed Ouiji board then allows conversations between the realms. The two volume artist's book provides spirit photographs (book 1) and a ouiji board (book 2). The box contains the accessories.

Printed on Asuka on an Indigo printer with Joss paper endpapers. Bound in laminated Asuka paper over marbled paper. 2016.

Deluxe edition of 15, 2 volumes housed in a clamshell box, with objects to communicate with the beyond. $700.
Edition of 50, 2 volumes in a paper slipcase. $250.

Family Style | more information | purchase

In the summer of 2016, my sister sent me a text message. “Would you like our grandmother’s recipes?” “Of course!” I replied. “OK, but you should know that the recipe for bread sticks begins “1 package hot dog buns.” I was both fascinated and terrified. Family meals were an occasion more social than culinary; my memories of childhood Thanksgivings were of burnt pie and soggy vegetables. These recipes were shared at bridge groups, in libraries, while volunteering, written onto whatever piece of paper was available. The tidy handwriting unifies the eclectic mix of papers, letterhead, receipts, and to-do lists. These 86 recipe cards were collected, compiled, edited, and expanded upon throughout her life, primarily from the late 1940s through the 1980s.

Printed on Mohawk Superfine on an Indigo printer. Bound in a three part binding with stamped linen spine and gingham fabric over boards.

Edition of 50. 2017. $200.

Natural Philosophies | more information | purchase

Elizabeth Blackwell, working in the early 18th century, documented many of the plants used for medical purposes in A Curious Herbal. The variety of approaches to herbs as treatments as published in contemporary literature is provided here alongside reproductions of her engravings. The engravings and descriptions are alternated with the greatest assemblage of uncontested fact, the Encyclopedia Britannica, an edition that both contains the collected wisdom of the ages, and yet still cannot escape the inherent and implicit prejudices of the times. As such, it is both a master document of information, and a constantly evolving resource that tells as much about a historic perspective as it does about dry historical facts. Here, the pages have been altered using monoprint, to bring aging and depth as a patina over the text.

Printed on Asuka paper on an Indigo printer. Bound in quarter cloth.

Edition of 20. 2016. $175.

Between, Among, Within | more information | purchase

Water is a resource that is simultaneously universally available and universally constrained: even in the midst of historic droughts, we expect it to appear, cool and clear, at the turn of a tap. We are advised not to drink out of the clearest mountain springs, for fear of bacterial contamination; to keep stores of it available for emergencies such as earthquakes or the zombie apocalypse; and yet, we wash our cars and shower and sometime have green, lush lawns are gardens. The scarcity of water is especially prevalent in the west, as rain conditions continue to fluctuate significantly from year to year as a result of climate change. This book combines archival photographs of the system that brought water to New York City, with pastepapers reminiscent of tunnels, rivers, and waterways.

Printed on Asuka paper on an Indigo printer. Full cloth binding.

Edition of 22. 2016. $175.