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6646 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA, 90028
United States

(213) 223-6921

Stephanie Gibbs, a bookbinder in Los Angeles, CA, offers edition and fine binding, book conservation, custom boxes, and paper repair for contemporary and historic books, manuscripts, and documents to clients throughout California.

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17 Very Short Stories. -9-

Stephanie Gibbs


The car battery was completely dead. Not a click or a glimmer of lights on the dashboard. Twenty degrees outside. No jumper cables in the trunk. No cell phone service. I walked across the parking lot to the road, where there was some traffic. Then I was stuck -- how to flag down a stranger in a moving car for a jump? I didn't have $60 to pay a tow truck driver and there wasn't anyone around who looked like they could help too much.

I went over to the parking lot of the McDonald's, figured there'd be somebody who could help out. Big, burly guy in tattoos comes marching towards his car, carrying a dinky white bag.

-- Sorry, I need a jump.
-- You got cables?
-- Nope.
-- Where's your car?
I pointed. -- Over there.
-- Okay.

He got into his van, big black van with tinted windows, and I walked back to the car, waited in the cold for the day to get started.